HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF

Patent-pending Dual Full Body Mats
creates a unique “HUGO™ PEMF Sandwich”. Optimize wellness and feel GREAT!

3 Reasons Why HUGO™ Is the Best Choice!

Three reasons why HUGO™ nano-second spark gap Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device is best PEMF choice:
  1. Our unique design offers the World’s Only Dual Full Body Mats – working from above and below the body simultaneously
  2. Saves time for busy professionals
  3. Highly effective and reliable


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Why Tony Robbins Loves His HUGO™

And just how important his "Electric Taco" is to him and his business!

Inside Tony Robbins Fiji Home to Demonstrate HUGO™

Watch To Find Out Why Tony Starts His Day With HUGO™

Exactly What Is HUGO™?

HUGO™ is the only nano-second spark gap PEMF device that offers the patent-pending HUGO™ Dual Full Body Mats delivering Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields above and below the body simultaneously. The unique design offers two full body mats, used above and below the body simultaneously.  This allows an equal distribution of magnetic field through the body, saving time – and time is money.

The HUGO™ is in the High Intensity Tesla class of bio-electromagnetic PEMF devices.  HUGO™ employs the Tesla coil, with a spark gap between the capacitor and high voltage transformer which sets the standard for this class of PEMF devices.  The Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields penetrate deeply into the body to the cellular level. 



HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF utilizes a Nano-Second Spark Gap technology. With HUGO™ there is no doubt that it is working – you can feel the pulsations.

So-called “Low intensity PEMF” devices use resonance aka oscillating magnetic fields with waveforms and frequencies (these are also referred to as “hummers”), these produce resonating/oscillating magnetic fields. 

These oscillating hummer type devices have different uses and applications, and they are much less expensive because of the type of components used. They work very differently energetically than High Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices.

The High Intensity nano-second spark gap PEMF is a true “pulsed” electromagnetic field.

HUGO™: Benefits of Dual Mats

The main benefit of using the Patent Pending HUGO™ dual mats together is lying in-between them. You could lie on just one mat and double the intensity with the dial on the driver, or you could take both mats and lie on top of both of them, either way, you will still be exposed to an amplified magnetic field… but… you won’t get the same benefit that you get from lying between the two mats.

Magnetic fields get weak rapidly with distance, and the more matter they pass through.  With the dual mat “sandwich”, the full strength of the field is placed on the back and front of the body at the same time, as opposed to just one side. Having a PEMF mat sandwich is doubling the strength of your magnetic field and equalizing the penetration of the field through the body.

If you lie ONLY on the bottom mat, then only one side of your body is receiving the full strength of the magnetic field and with that field getting weaker as it passes through your body, the other side of your body is receiving a much weaker magnetic field. Having a PEMF mat underneath and on top of the body means that both sides are s of your body are receiving the same strength magnetic field simultaneously and this amplifies the magnetic field.



You want to help more people and increase ROI for your business while doing it.  The HUGO helps you do just that!

The simplicity of this device is astounding. Just sell sessions that engage the client on a path to long-term wellness while your business stays on a path to prosperity.


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